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Question for Dave

Started by Tom G P 21, Apr 07, 2023, 09:05 AM

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Tom G P 21

It sounds like you've had the pleasure of installing multiple furlers. I was wondering if you ever used the contraption Schaefer has for squeezing the foil together, pic below, or just used the cardboard tube and channel locks? (trying to do an attachment for the first time here)


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Dave Scobie

All boats I've installed have 1/8" rigging wire.  The Snapfurl extrusion will fit over the mechanical swage for the turnbuckle stud.  I would cut the extrusion to be slightly longer than needed and then put the two halves together. Done on the shop floor with a clean piece of plywood under each bit as I whacked together with a rubber mallet.  (Small square of plywood to protect the extrusion from being damaged by shop's rough concrete floor.  Move from bottom/drum end up to top/masthead.)

I'd then cut the assembled extrusion to the correct length and slide over the forestay and then continue installing the halyard swivel, drum, etc.

The extrusion will be way longer than needed so use some of the extra length to practice 'malleting' the two pieces together.

Make sure you cut off the correct (masthead) end of the extrusion as you don't want to discard the luff feeder (drum) end.

I never was able to use the cardboard tube and pipe wrench method shown in the instructions.

Tom G P 21

Thanks for the tips. I'll bring some boards and a rubber mallet with me down to the boat when I install it, just in case. The good thing is, I ordered it from Precision and Bill included a sheet specific to the boat including the length to cut the foil and that the halyard retainer is required.



The position of the halyard retainer appears to be critical. My 500 has always worked OK, but it's obvious that some P.O. screwed up the initial installation and had to relocate the retainer.
Talbot Bielefeldt
Precision 21 "Starlight"
Fern Ridge Lake, Oregon