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A few spring upgrades

Started by Timm R Oday25, Apr 20, 2023, 10:47 AM

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Timm R Oday25

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It's always bothered me that I've never really had a very good method of keeping the mast attached and centered on the bow pulpit . I'm not quite sure it I'm going to practice my fiberglassing skills or just paint it . I plan on installing a clamp that locks the mast from underneath the pulpit and utilizes a hinge that locks a plate that captures both horizontal rails .You cannot view this attachment.
I was surprised how mangled the top of the forestay was . I'm not really sure how old it is. The sidestays have been replaced a few times .You cannot view this attachment.
I made this to keep the halyard from slapping the mast .It's really nice having a whole machine shop to use