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TSBB Chat Room down?

Started by tbodine88, Feb 08, 2024, 08:39 PM

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I tried to get in to the chat,

1. I found that my chat user name "bagatell_capt" is forgotten or the password was changed.
2. I found that there isn't a valid SSL certificate

I am wondering if its no-longer happening since the last mention i can find was in nov 2023

the chat room link doesn't appear on chrome on a phone. only on windows laptop running firefox or Edge

Thomas Bodine
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We did have a chat session today, it wrapped up around 8 Central after running for 1.5 hours. Several people joined.

Here is the sticky thread:

There is no username or password for the chat, type in something and go. Your moniker can be changed within the chat session.

I am not a moderator nor am I an admin for the site, just a chat user.
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