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TSBB General Talk / Re: Fids
Last post by Frank B. - May 27, 2024, 09:46 PM
I was initially surprised that you didn't go local at one of the best places to get sail supplies around, Sail Makers Supply, on Old Spanish trail in Gautier. Then I checked their website and they don't carry fids. I have trouble staying away from that place when I go to visit my mother.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Fids
Last post by Wolverine - May 27, 2024, 08:13 PM
I bought all new running rigging just before the FL120. I need to buy a fid and learn how to splice a eye.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Where are all the old post...
Last post by sesmith - May 27, 2024, 06:15 PM
The old forum had a huge database of info on Seawards in the Seaward forum.  It was always the place to go for any Seaward information, including pics and lots of how to and historical posts, started by some very dedicated Seaward owners back when Seaward sold new boats. It's too bad it's just hiding somewhere so thanks for looking into getting the archives back online.

That said, judging by the lack of participation on the Seaward forum here, maybe no one is there to care anymore, so it might not be worth the effort.  It's kind of a shame as the Facebook groups don't have the history that was there.

Personally, I no longer have a Seaward 25 or a trailerable sailboat (just the non-trailerable variety) but check in here from time to time.  It's good to see there's some lively discussion going on here still!
TSBB General Talk / Fids
Last post by Riley Smith - May 27, 2024, 12:16 PM
I've ordered a set of fids to put an eye in the halyards. If you don't know what a fid is, imagine a short, pointed, hollow, knitting needle with plain opposite ends. It is used to splice double braided lines. In this case, it'll be used to put an eye in the new halyards. The eye will use the original stainless steel thimbles, for abrasion resistance where the shackles attach.
You cannot view this attachment.
I found the bad spot in the 1/4" throat halyard while rigging up for the FL 120. You can see the difference in texture and diameter of it on the right side, alongside the peak halyard, with the throat being larger because it is starting to disintegrate internally. But I found it mostly by feel; it didn't feel right. I knew it was time but got one more out of it. I thought it was only the second but got to reconsidering and now remember it's the third set of halyards in twenty something years. 1/4" is tedious and larger is easier.You cannot view this attachment.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

Impetuous (our 37' Tartan) can handle tropical storm conditions. Her crew not so much. 6-8 foot seas and 36 knots of wind. Prediction accord to the 5 weather sites we checked prior to setting out was for 10-15 knots and 1-2 foot seas. Our dinghy got flipped off the foredeck while I was dousing the mainsail and then parted ways with us.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

Bruises will finally fade away and become memories. We got thrown around a time or two from the wave sets. Connie thought she hit her head hard enough to get a concussion. I got thrown off the cockpit seat to the sole.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

Boating people are friendly as all get out onshore but have no courtesy on the water. WAKES suck if you're not making headway.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

The tow connections on a dinghy are designed for calm conditions. I have the tow rings but the rest of the dinghy is in Cuba. I joke that there is a Cuban and his family rowing our dinghy back to the US.

The weather this year on the west coast of Florida was "unusual" according to everyone we met. We saw east winds in the morning followed by south and then west winds for a couple of weeks while in Gulfport.

We have old friends in Gulfport, Fl that convinced us to stick around and enjoy the town so we did. For a month.  ;D  We have new friends in Tarpon Springs that invited us to their house for dinner which was fantastic.

We learned the water off of Tarpon Springs is shallow a long ways out and crystal clear on calm days. i watched as a lobster pot went under the boat in 30 feet of water like 10 miles offshore.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

We expected east and south winds while crossing back to Apalachicola but the destination finder at the top of the mast reported something totally different. Yeah, on the nose or no wind for 32 hours.

We learned that Government Cut (Sikes Cut) has shifting sands and ONE buoy inshore that is on the wrong side of the current channel. We left the green on our starboard side.

We learned that a simple forward looking sonar is a great help in unknown waters. Thanks, CJ for that one. You take a fishing rod with an UNWEIGHTED cork and a weight below the cork equal to or greater than your draft. Cast it in front of the boat and if the cork lays on its side, Stop or turn away.

We learned that Gulf sailing tightens up your core from all the motion of two wave sets. We learned that Gulf sailing sucks from two wave sets.

We learned the absolute worst time to come into Destin is on a Sunday afternoon with a south wind and an outgoing tide. They call it "The Rage" in the Bahamas. But let us add in three dolphin party boats who stop in the middle of the channel, 5 sportfishermen who race past them and the 10 or 15 "water roaches" who have no knowledge of the rules of the road. I didn't know that Connie knew those kind of words.  :o

We learned how to clean bonitos (bonitas?) after we caught two nice ones between Destin and Pensacola.

We learned that our Worst Marine jacklines expand when wet but get bar tight when dry.

Weathermen lie!  >:(

Connie and I have agreed that our cruising grounds lie between Mobile Bay and Navarre Beach. Mobile Bay is as nasty looking as Galveston Bay which reminds us why we have the boat in Florida. The bridge at Navarre Beach is shorter than my air draft so that is the current eastern limit.

Our next trip to the Bahamas is via United, Delta or some puddle jumper from P-cola maybe.

We survived! It was an adventure, ordeal, great time and fun. But we had enough so we came home.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Orcas and rudders
Last post by Jim B., CD-25 - May 27, 2024, 11:18 AM
Quote from: Riley Smith on May 26, 2024, 09:44 PMI thought the fish hat from the article was very telling. A fad. They're smart enough to have fads. I've seen one of them smack a seal with its tail. How they hunt is amazing. Surely they talk....there has been some movement on that front and they've been deciphering some whale lingo, although language is a slippery slope because so much of it is dependent on the circumstances and on-going actions of the participants. Sitting listening to beeps without context isn't the way you do this.

And research has shown that they have "dialects," and the Southern Residents do not likely speak the same "language" as the transients that are in the same area.  I guess my ear is not as developed: when putting a hydrophone in the water, I couldn't tell the difference in their vocalizations.  All very interesting, though.

Most interesting experience: seeing a "Greeting Ceremony" when J, K, and L Pods would come together.  Most moving experience: seeing a newly born calf being brought to the surface by its aunts to take its first breath.  Most exciting trips: getting a "trifecta" - 3 different whale species in one trip (Orcas, humpbacks, and Minke Whales).

TSBB General Talk / Re: Daggummit! Rant on discont...
Last post by Brian N. - May 27, 2024, 10:41 AM
You cannot view this attachment.

Peptide on her trailer looking good. The boat is covered by a tarp most of the year, so once a year it gets waxed.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Daggummit! Rant on discont...
Last post by Brian S - May 27, 2024, 09:49 AM
Update on the new product, 3M™ Perfect-It™ Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax.

I used it for my annual glow-up (shine-up?) with a 3M yellow wool bonnet. And guess, what? It shined it up! I generally prefer to paint the stuff on the surface, then polish it off. It seemed to lubricate the bonnet well. About half-way through the boat, I decided to give the bonnet a clean, and ran it under clear water, and found that it washed out pretty easily, giving me a fresh bonnet. The Total Boat stuff I used before gummed up the bonnet and didn't wash out fully even using some soap, so score for the 3M.

I waxed with Star Brite wax with PTFE, which seems to get good reviews from Practical Sailor. Then I had a rainy Saturday, and decided to drive the 50 minutes to the local West Marine and get some of the 3M Perfect-It™ Boat Wax companion product, and I put that over the top of the Star Brite.

Everything looks pretty good, so no complaints in the end...

You cannot view this attachment.

Precision / Precision Sailors' Happy Hour,...
Last post by Riggerdood - May 26, 2024, 10:00 PM
Hi All,

Back by popular demand, I'm setting up another Zoom meeting for this coming Friday May 31st, at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.

Any and all who wish to join in, simply reply here to that effect, and I will PM you the Zoom info. Note: I use the PM function of this forum to send the Zoom info - no need to post your email address in a reply here, just keep an eye on your PMs.

Those who have participated in previous happy hours will automatically get the invite, so no need to reply here.

Thanks, and hope to see a few new faces this Friday, as well as "the regulars" in this joint!

- Tim
Precision / Re: P21 Water Tank
Last post by Riggerdood - May 26, 2024, 09:50 PM
Rob, you might want to PM Terry Stoerzinger (twstoerzinger), as I believe he came up with a solution for this issue. And yes, your attachments worked just fine!